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World Coins

World Gold and Silver Coins
World Gold CoinsWorld coins, or commonly referred to as "foreign" coins in the US at least represent a fascinating connection to our pasts since most of us have ancestors who come from another land. They also represent a growing area of interest among collectors not only in the US but around the world. In recent years the collecting "bug" as well as a growing worldwide demand for these little spheres of financial substance has taken hold and as evidenced by the phenomenal Eliasberg collection auctioned by ANR, there are collectors from around the world who are ready, willing and able to almost appear out of nowhere to own better rare coins from around the globe.
For years, Tom Pilitowski has developed connections, camaraderie and professional working relationships within a solid base of truly expert Numismatists, dealers and investors who specialize in all types of world gold and silver coins. We have personal interests as well with personal activities in Asia, and we actively engage in buying and selling rare world coins in the USA as well as thru representatives at rare coin auctions in Europe.
We take a very active and growing position in hand selected and top quality rare World (Foreign) coins, particularly ones struck in gold and silver. Whether they are British Condor tokens from the last 1700's , Ultra rare Vietnamese gold and silver coins, ever popular Latin America Gold coins and shipwreck gold or top quality European gold and silver, we are interested merchants and have the resources which are substantive.

If you are interested in diversifying your collection, building or adding to an investment portfolio, I will personally assist and help you in buying the right coins at the right price. On the other hand of you have quality world coins you would like to sell, please offer them to me for a realistic, fair, fast quote or let me assist you in placing the coins at the right auction venue.

Tom Pilitowski
U.S. Gold Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Toll Free: 1-941-291-2156
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