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Coin Books

Tom Pilitowski and US Gold Coin Investments is a firm believer in education and research, especially with regards to Numismatics!
Please review our quality selection of better coin books, coin related periodicals and research material and expand yours or another collectors/numismatists library of coin books and research material.
Please note that we generally have an ever changing inventory* of better and out of print coin books, older copies of the Numismatist, and other research material that you will find helpful in your coin collecting and investing pursuits and if you don't see it here, please ask!

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Loupes & Magnifiers

Tom Pilitowski, US Gold Coin Investments offers quality loupes by Eschenbach. Eschenbach magnifiers and loupes are the best in the business and the loupe most preferred by serious Numismatists and professionals looking for virtually distortion free magnification. Quality coin loupes and magnifiers are essential to the coin collector and professional for proper viewing and magnification of coins and other collectibles. Over the years we have found Eschenbach to be the highest quality coin magnifiers and loupes in the business and offer them here as a courtesy to collectors everywhere.

For international orders contact us for shipping quotes.

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*For sellers of coin books and other coin related reading material please note that we are always interested in purchasing better quality coin books and materials, and supplies. If you have better quality material for sale, please send us a list of what you have for sale and allow us to compete to resell your material or buy it outright. ( Items must be in hand for firm quote) Ship your material via media mail or UPS and please note that you are responsible for return shipping costs in the event if our fair offer is rejected. Include your email address.

Ship to:
PO Box 496607
Port Charlotte Fl 33949

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