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NGC registry lists early gold coins
Numismatic News - April 13, 2010

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has formed a new category in its registry to allow collectors to list their early American gold coins.
Along with the opening of this new category at NGC Registry is the inclusion of an early gold collection named the American Independence Collection. It contains early U.S. gold coins, as well as coins that circulated through the colonies and were struck by the various states prior to the opening of the first federal mint in 1792.

"The newly-created early gold sets in the NGC Registry are definitely among the most difficult to complete," said Scott Schechter, NGC vice president, sales and marketing. "To attempt them is to undertake a long and serious pursuit. This underscores the achievement of the American Independence Collection, which consists of high-grade and attractive examples of these challenging coins. As it continues to grow, it should be a milestone Registry collection."

This American Independence Collection has been entered by dealer Tom Pilitowski, owner of U.S. Gold Coin Investments in Port Charlotte, Fla.

Some highlights of the collection are are a 1795 half eagle graded Choice About Uncirculated by PCGS; a 1795 Eagle graded MS-60 by NGC, which was minted when George Washington was still president; a 1796 Eagle in Choice About Uncirculated AU-55 also by NGC and an 1804 Eagle graded MS-63 by NGC. Gold Eagles and half Eagles were designed by Chief Engraver Robert Scot and feature the national Eagle on one side and a woman depicting Liberty wearing a cloth cap with the legend LIBERTY on the other.

One of the most interesting silver coins from the American Independence collec¬tion is a Massachusetts Pine Tree Schilling from 1652, the pre-Federal era before the government mint was established and U.S. colonies produced their own money. This schilling is from the famous John Jay Ford collection and is graded MS-63.

"American Independence is proving to be a high-quality collection that contains some of the most valuable early U.S. gold and silver rarities that were struck at the Philadelphia mint, as well as Colonial coins that circulated in the 13 colonies at a much earlier time," Pilitowski explained. "These coins are true Americana."

The NGC Registry is the largest coin registry of its kind, widely recognized as the definitive showcase of the world's most valuable and important coins.
"American Independence is an impor¬tant collection that will take years to build and ultimately be worth millions of dollars," Pilitowski said. "It will add increased exposure and recognition for early American gold coinage, a very special time in our county's numismatic history."

NGC registry lists early gold coins

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