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CAC Setting the Standard for Premium Quality
CAC Submission Center

CAC is an independent numismatic coin authentication service and is not connected or affiliated with any other numismatic coin encapsulating and/or grading service.

What Separates the Grade from Premium Quality

In every field, there are a select few that represent the best of the best. Coins are no exception. Now there's an easy way to identify premium quality coins within any particular grade. Just look for the CAC verification sticker.
Third-party grading services have revolutionized our industry by evaluating the condition of coins. Evaluations, however, can be subjective and over time, coins of varying quality have received the same grade. That's why leading members of the numismatic community formed CAC - to identify and formalize the existence of premium quality coins.

We only consider previously graded coins, submitted by CAC Submission Centers, and will only award our sticker to those coins that meet our standards for premium quality.

CAC Submission Procedures

  • Coin holders should be clean and free of stickers.
  • All coins must be submitted on a CAC invoice.
  • Print your submitter member name and number.
  • Fill in contact name.
  • Complete return shipping address with telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Choose return carrier, fill in account number and insurance limit. Please note, we must have a return shipping authorization on file when using your insurance.
  • If you do not have insurance, we will ship all submissions Registered Mail. If your submission exceeds $25,000.00, a $10.00 fee will be charged to your account plus applicable fee for Registered Mail shipment.
  • Choose submission tier (only one tier per invoice).
  • List coins in Red Book® order: coin date, mint mark, denomination, MS or PF, numerical grade, grading service, declared value and unique grading service certification number, i.e. NGC 1660608-003, PCGS 13796504. (Do not list the PCGS coin number.) Total insured value. EACH COIN MUST BE ENTERED INDIVIDUALLY.
  • Total number of coins and multiply by tier price, enter total amount due. Forward payment by check or money order made payable to CAC with your submission.
  • Sign and date your submission.

Have coins you would like a second opinion on? Contact us with what you would like to submit and we'll send you shipping instructions and a submission form.

Please use the Contact us form or call 1-941-291-2156

Submitters will be notified by email upon receipt and completion of submissions.

CAC - CAC Coin Grading - CAC Sticker - CAC Grading Service - CAC Submission Center

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