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About Tom Pilitowski

About Tom Pilitowski
Tom Pilitowski, US Gold Coin Investments is a Rare Coin Dealer, Gold Coin Dealer specializing in Rare Coins, Gold Coins and Silver Coins since 1979. Tom Pilitowski has been involved in coin collecting since childhood. There are virtually no areas of American numismatics that Mr. Pilitowski has not explored, or has had experience in and over the years, Mr. Pilitowski has been successful in not only surrounding himself in the most astute and influential circles of coin traders, numismatists, collectors and investors but became one, who is looked upon by some of the most astute buyers as a source of knowledge, information and inventory acquisitions.
The Press and Clients Speak about Mr. Pilitowski

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Praise from clients

Here are a few of the highlights from Mr Pilitowski’s career in numismatics:
Much more but obviously confidentiality would be sacrificed.
  • Custom tailor my services to suit your goals whether investing or collecting
  • Offer extremely competitive buy/sell spreads due to experience with efficiency
  • Confidential representation at all major auctions and shows
  • Special financial planning through your investment broker or counselor
  • Ability to help advise on offshore assets
  • Literally cherry pick through millions of dollars in inventories, working toward getting you the best deal in the industry
  • Ability to search through millions of dollars in privately held coins to help broker matches to your goals, behind the scenes, confidentially
  • Aggressive and knowledgeable representation when liquidating or trading your valuables
  • Able to disseminate and report in-depth market analysis based on the realities of the industry and coin investment arena, not daily artificial whims you may hear elsewhere
  • Wide-ranging worldwide clientele of knowledgeable coin investors, collectors and dealers
  • Intimate experience with some of the worlds greatest rare coins
  • Expert advice on when to buy, sell, diversify, consolidate your holdings and how to do so
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