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US Gold Coin Investments

Rare Coins

Welcome to U.S. Gold Coin Investments, specializing in Gold Coins and Rare Coins.

U.S. Gold Coin Investments is a high end rare coin dealer - gold coin dealer and personal representative to many of America's most experienced rare coin dealers, coin collectors, and investors in the rare coins, gold coins and precious metals markets. High end Rare Coin Dealer specializing in Rare Coins, Gold Coins, Rare Gold Coins since 1979. U.S. Gold Coin Investments provides complete information on rare coins, rare gold coins, early gold coins and information relate to other rare coins.

We at U.S. Gold Coin Investments are of the belief that information, timely and in depth particularly in the realm of rare coin investing is one of the keys to success in this field. We also believe that access to real time coin market information, coupled with aligning oneself to seasoned professionals in the rare coin industry can make the difference between "wishing" you can make a good investment in these tangible assets, and actually developing a sound plan and doing it.

There's a lot of talk on the internet these days regarding the investment in rare coins, and rare gold coins but few in our opinion are actually providing the needed tools and experience to guide and accurately reflect the reality of the real case decisions and planning one must make in order to be profitable in the realm of gold, rare coins and gold coins. We know this as we have been doing so since 1979.

Rare CoinsThe principals, associates, and clients of U.S. Gold Coin Investments have un-paralleled rare coin market reach, experience in all facets of the rare coin business, a multitude of sound connections within the various financial markets, and account for many millions of dollars in rare gold coins, world gold coins and rare coins placement, from simple collector coins to high power finest known varietal rarities in highly specialized series, and pride ourselves on trust, personal and confidential business relationships and knowledge of markets and true numismatic skills and know how.

If you are a seasoned collector here at U.S. Gold Coin Investments you will see great raritities, early silver dollars by Bolender Variety, rare Bust Half Dollars by Overton variety, rare and sometimes virtually unknown Territorial Gold, rare Breen varieties, pedigreed gold coins, early American coins from the time of the American Revolution era, early bust gold coins, rare and desireable world coins, rare silver dollars and quite frankly more rare and "off the market" for years type rare coins and more consistent quality than you'll see anywhere else.

If you are the investor just starting out, buying gold coins, rare coins perhaps making some coin purchases but are still "not sure", come on in and take a look around. If you are "sure" but want another opinion, check us out. We think you'll see the difference. Then contact us and put a quarter century of experienced insiders to work for you.

Together we make up a force to be reckoned with in the arena of numismatics. There is a big difference between the dealer who sells a few millions of dollars in precious metals and the professional numismatist that not only places high end and rare numismatic material and over the years has formed deep and meaningful connections in the realm of owners of these rarities.

You as an investor or even coin collector, need to spot the difference and utilize the services of the dealer who has the ability, knowledge, market reach and works for your goals, not his own. We will help you do that. We at U.S. Gold Coin Investments think that the collecting and investing in rare gold coins and rare coins is one of the most fun and profitable things you can do. Read on and find out why.

Happy Collecting,
Thomas M. Pilitowski
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Toll Free: 1-941-291-2156

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